How to Style an Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a beloved holiday tradition, bringing humor and festivity to the season.

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Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a beloved holiday tradition, bringing humor and festivity to the season. While the sweaters themselves are meant to stand out, knowing how to style them can enhance their charm and make your holiday outfit even more delightful. Here are some tips on how to style an ugly Christmas sweater.

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1. Keep It Casual

  • Jeans: Pair your sweater with a classic pair of jeans. Skinny, straight-leg, or even distressed jeans can complement the playful nature of the sweater.
  • Sneakers: Comfortable sneakers or casual boots are perfect for a laid-back, yet festive look. Opt for neutral colors to let the sweater be the star of your outfit.

2. Go Festive

  • Holiday Accessories: Add festive accessories like Santa hats, reindeer antler headbands, or Christmas-themed jewelry. These additions can amplify the holiday spirit and make your outfit more fun.
  • Color Coordination: Match the colors of your accessories with the dominant colors of your sweater to create a cohesive festive look.

3. Dress It Up

  • Skirts: For a more dressed-up look, pair your ugly Christmas sweater with a skirt. A sequined or velvet skirt can add a touch of glamour, while a simple A-line or pencil skirt can keep it classy.
  • Heels or Boots: Heeled ankle boots or classic pumps can elevate your outfit, making it suitable for more formal holiday gatherings.

4. Layering

  • Collared Shirts: Wear a collared shirt underneath your sweater. The collar peeking out adds a preppy touch and makes the outfit look more put-together.
  • Scarves and Coats: Layer with a festive scarf and a stylish coat. Choose a coat that complements the colors of your sweater to maintain a coordinated look.

5. Accessorize with Fun Items

  • Holiday Socks: Add a pair of fun holiday-themed socks. Whether they feature snowflakes, reindeer, or Santa, they can add an extra layer of festive fun.
  • Statement Belts: A statement belt can add structure to your outfit. Choose one with a holiday motif or a bold color to stand out.

6. Themed Bottoms

  • Festive Leggings: Pair your sweater with holiday-themed leggings. Patterns like candy canes, Christmas trees, or snowflakes can create a playful, cohesive look.
  • Christmas Pajamas: For a cozy night in, wear your sweater with Christmas-themed pajama bottoms. Perfect for holiday movie nights or family gatherings.

7. Monochromatic Look

  • Single Color Scheme: Choose bottoms and accessories in the same color as the primary color of your sweater. This creates a sleek, monochromatic look that highlights the sweater without clashing.

8. Go Bold with Prints

  • Mixing Patterns: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Pair your sweater with plaid pants or a checked skirt. The key is to keep the color palette similar to avoid a clash.
  • Printed Tights: Wear printed tights under a simple dress or shorts with your sweater. This adds a whimsical touch without overwhelming your outfit.


Styling an ugly Christmas sweater can be a fun and creative way to express your holiday spirit. Whether you keep it casual, go festive, dress it up, or layer with accessories, there are countless ways to make your sweater the highlight of your holiday wardrobe. Embrace the playful nature of these sweaters and have fun experimenting with different looks to find the perfect festive ensemble.

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