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More is More

dal 10/set/2020 ore 12:00 (UTC +02:00)
al 08/ott/2020 ore 17:00 (UTC +02:00)

Via Raffaele Cadorna, 28, 00187 Roma RM, Italia


dal 10/set/2020 ore 12:00 (UTC +02:00)
al 08/ott/2020 ore 17:00 (UTC +02:00)


Via Raffaele Cadorna, 28, 00187 Roma RM, Italia

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(ROME - September 1st, 2020) - From 10th September, Rossocinabro presents More is More, a large-scale international exhibition featuring new commissions and existing artwork by international artists. These artists have acquired an important international experience in exhibitions around the world.

The collectors just acquire things that give their pleasure, things they like to have around them. The exhibition, appropriately named More is More (the collectors are not minimalist!), is eclectic and reflects all passions, interests, and travels, dreams during the past years of these artists.

Nothing about this exhibition could be described as typical. That’s why we’re proud to present More is More. Come view More is More this eclectic collection for yourself.

The diversity of practices in More is More, attests to the vitality of contemporary art. Through different modes of making, the artists in this exhibition direct their attention to the methods of embodiment that facilitate even the most normalized techniques of knowledge production. Collectively and individually, the artworks in More is More, possess a dynamic potential through which new orientations to knowledge can be sensed which, as art audiences, we should be inclined to emulate.

This exhibition was initially scheduled to open in May 2020. However, due to the challenges incurred by the viral pandemic, it was rescheduled. For the curatorial team, this dilemma provoked us to consider the conditions that produce singular, immediate events. The temporal structure of More is More reflects this evolved understanding of eventfulness. It will continue to develop, grow, transform, crescendo, and diminuendo until early 2021.

More is More is curated by Joe Hansen and Cristina Madini and organized by Rossocinabro Roma.

On you can see a wide selection of artworks from all over the world.

Featuring works by: Janice Alamanou, Annabelle Art Gallery, Brian Avadka Colez, Axel Becker, Dorothea Margarete Berger, Annamaria Biagini, Federico Campanale, Helen Canetta, Susan Carnahan, Lidia Chaplin, Chris Corridore, Louise De Buck, Onno Dröge, Bogdan Dyulgerov, Vanessa Freuler, Noemi Galavotti, Paula Galera, Allyson Glenn, Evaldas Gulbinas, Michael Jiliak, Alexandra Kapogianni-Beth, Alan Lacke Cairo, Rosana Largo Rodríguez, Daphna Laszlo Katzor, Audrey Lim, Maria Linares Freire, Fiona Livingstone, Angeliki Manta, Tomáš Neuwirth, Isabel O’Brien, Ann Palmer, Steffi Pieters, Ludwika Pilat, Sal Ponce Enrile, Irena Procházková, Connie García Sainz,Michael Schaffer, Przemko Stachowski, Taka & Megu, Çağla Yeliz Usta Erdoğan, Katja van den Bogaert, Stéphane Vereecken, Marja-Riitta Vuorela, Anke Wiemer

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