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contemporary art

dal 14/dic/2023 ore 18:00 (UTC +01:00)
al 22/dic/2023 ore 18:00 (UTC +01:00)


dal 14/dic/2023 ore 18:00 (UTC +01:00)
al 22/dic/2023 ore 18:00 (UTC +01:00)





Contemporary art

from 14 to 22 December

inauguration 14 December at 6.00 pm


The centrality of Milan in the European context is a preferential element forthe assignment of cultural projects that enhance our heritage and strengthencollaborations. Milan, ambassador of Italy to the world.This network of relationships overlaps the urban area and has its convergence atthe center, a heritage of history and a forge of the future.Art uses an effective non-verbal language, action, immediately communicative,whose codes have developed over time and which uses special tools to make themeaning of the images represented manifest.This daily experience of the lived image generates visual and mental horizons inwhich it is possible to question the past and current functionsof art to reconsider its seductive power and cultural role.Artists from different backgrounds and who use a plurality of expressive languagesaddress these issues in a series of individual projects that develop as a paththrough action and contemporary vision.The works arise from the experimental combination of different elements andlanguages in search of the meeting point between lightness and complexity fromwhich to venture into the exploration of the psychological, political and socialgeographies of globalized contemporary culture. Art is a pretext to investigate keyconcepts of our present, such as identity, nationality, democracy, power, freedom,participation and social changes.

LOCATION - CULTURAL CENTER OF MILANA cultural center, a place where the passion fortruth and listening to beauty unite men and theirexperience in a permanent encounter.The “Cultural Center of Milan” was born in1981. At its beginnings it took the name of“Centro Culturale San Carlo”, having its firstheadquarters in Corso Matteotti, at the Basilicaof San Carlo al Corso. In the 1980s its history is marked by figures and encounterssuch as those of Don Luigi Giussani (who originated and followed it over theyears), the writer Giovanni Testori, the bishop Giacomo Biffi, the scientist GianPaolo Bellini, the philosopher Augusto Del Noce, the economists Marco Martini andGianfranco Senn, the publisher Sante Bagnoli. Immediately, great artists, scientists,philosophers, writers, from Italy and the world, enthusiastically participated in thisnew attempt in the city, comparing themselves with this cultural novelty.In the early 90s the new name: “Cultural Center of Milan”, just as the city of Milancomes to a halt during the political crisis and new cultural and global challengesemerge. The new headquarters are in via Zebedia 2, where, according to DanteIsella, the intellectual circles of the mid-1800s met. In 2017, thanks to donations andto Fondazione Cariplo, the Center restructured the building, designed by CacciaDominoni, in Largo Corsia dei Servi 4, a reciprocal Convention for Culture and itsplaces was launched with the Municipality of Milan.

CMC EXPANDS ITS BOUNDARIESIndividuals, groups of people who recognize and relate to each other from theworld, passing through Milan. The rediscovery of the past, recent history of the cityis born and in its developments the Flannery O’Connor School of Writing comesto life with Luca Doninelli, Camillo Fornasieri and Giuseppe Pontiggia. A space isdedicated to Poetry, the sought and corresponded encounter with the Jewish worldis carried out, a prophetic knowledge and dialogue with Islam and the subsequentIslamic “question” investigates the historicity of the Gospels and Christiandocuments, the Exhibitions are presented through the edition of the “Quaderni diFotografia” series, dialogue is undertaken with Italian and European laity, issuesconcerning Law and Democracy are discussed.At the same time, partnerships with Milanese institutions, universities, publishinghouses, theaters and coordination with more than 100 Cultural Centers areincreasing, in collaboration with the Italian Association of Cultural Centers, which isbased at the CMC.This is how that original research and encounter with the “adults who know howto talk to us” unfolds, aimed at those “little ones who know how to listen”, trying tobe so first of all ourselves. International art exhibitions have been held at the MilanCultural Center.

Event curated in collaboration with Stefano Gramantieri

The Wall

Enrico Deiana  Alessandro Giugni  Camelia Otero  Clelia Liberti  Daniel Pešta  Edward Chao  Elisabetta Mariani  Elka Leonard  Gerdine Duijsens  Giorgio Trinciarelli  Heike Baltruweit  Kseniya Oudenot Luciana Palazzolo  Monica Raiteri  Pietro Lembo  Paul J. Riley  Sefano Mariani  The Fuses: Daniela Costi and Monica Capotosti



Assistente alla Galleria

Anna Atenasio

Personale tecnico

Rodolfo Santini

Mirella Pendé

Katia Dossena

Galleria Studio Jelmoni

Milano, Berlino, Londra

via Molineria S. Nicolò,8 (Piacenza) - Ita0039 0523 490827 349 7198665

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